Serial Bookseller

Because all of life is stories.

A World of Stories

The world is full of stories.

We are obsessed with them. We collect them. We report them. We create them.

We write them on cave walls. We tell them around the fire. We put them in songs.

We write them in books. We spend hours taking up tables at Starbucks. We review them on Amazon.

And some of us, we sell them. I sold them for two years at Borders, before they went bust. Now I sell them at another bookstore. 3 guesses which one. Every so often I write a review of them. They may not be the best reviews in the world, but I know a few people who like them. If it helps anyone out there find a good book, then I’m doing something right.

So every week, I’ll have a new book up on my blog. I can’t promise a massive variety of genre, I read what I like. You won’t see many non-fiction books, you won’t see any romance novels. At all. Ever. But any book I review will be one that I thought was worth my time. None of them will be by request of the author, I won’t censor honest commentary, and I doubt I’ll ever be paid for this, so my review will always be my honest opinion. I promise that much.

By the end of today I’ll have all of my GoodReads reviews transferred here. There aren’t many so it won’t take long. Every Wednesday I will have a new review up. It won’t always be a new book. Sometimes it will be very old indeed. As it has been said, an old book is always new to somebody that hasn’t read it.

Welcome to Serial Bookseller. I hope you stay for awhile.


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