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The Daylight War

I’m of two minds on this book, so let’s do this as a Pro/Con kind of thing, and end on the good news, because there is plenty.


1. Very little in the way of moving the plot forward.

2. Leesha is slowly turning from independent badass into a caricature.

3. Holy sex Batman. I mean…just…everywhere. To the point of distraction. I’m fine with it when it furthers the story but the world seems to be turning on 50 Shades of Grey right now. (This may be an irrelevant complaint, I’m just so sick of the sex trend)

4. Renna. Lord is she annoying.

5. For all the worry about Waning…I honestly never feared for the people of Everam’s Bounty or Deliverer’s Hollow. Kind of a firecracker after being told I’d get a 4th of July display.

6. That ending.


1. That ending! Fast paced race to the end.

2. The flashbacks were a welcome window into Inevera’s world and made her a real character and not just window dressing.

3. The window into the Demons’ world, however brief, turned them from bloodthirsty monsters devoid of motivation beyond feeding into villains with goals, desires, wants. In brief, he made them interesting. I’m really hoping for more demon-centric work in the next two books.

4. Arlen and Ahmann were wonderfully written. Especially the rallying cries. That kind of thing is so easy to screw up (See Snow White and the Huntsmen) but Brett worked them masterfully.

5. Despite not much happening relative to the first book, it was still damned entertaining.

6. Abban bothers the hell out of me…and yet…I love him for it. He’s just really well done.

So that’s that. I really really enjoyed The Daylight War, despite not much happening in the way of Sharak Sun. Overall, it still gets 4 stars outta 5 from me, so don’t let the cons distract you from all the amazing stuff this book has to offer. Meanwhile, I’ll be thinking about that damn ending for a year or more until Book 4. Which is awesome, and sucks all at once. Damn it Peter…and bravo Sir.



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