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This Book is Full of Spiders

Let me preface this by saying I have been waiting for David Wong (Jason Pargin) to get this sequel out for more than four years, so my review may be biased.

Now that that’s out of the way, READ THIS BOOK NOW. Yes, you there, with the pumpkin spice latte and red bull. Put down that horrible concoction of a mixed drink and read this from cover to cover, several times in a row if possible.

It’s true that it is a sequel but Dave (Who is also the main character and narrator of this story) takes the time to inform you that it’s OK to skip to this book. In fact he seems to think it’ll be easier if you don’t go into it thinking he’s the shithead Dave from the first book. His words, not mine. I think he’s pretty damn awesome.

Anyways, this episode features Dave, his girlfriend Amy, and his best friend and fellow psychopath John attempting to prevent the world from ending via zombie apocalypse. Even though there aren’t actually zombies. But there are spidery parasites the size of dinner plates. Ones that make their homes in the lower jaws and other various orifices of the human body. Ones that can control your thoughts and actions and seem to have it out for David & Co.

From a small town called [Undisclosed] Wong brings you zombies (sort of), spiders (sort of), conspiracy theories (aplenty), a wide array of ass kicking weaponry, and a heaping helping of Soy Sauce…sort of.(less)



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