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Infinity Blade

I know what you’re thinking. This is a video game. This is not a book. What are you on?

Stick with me.

This is a series that, while not completely unique, certainly has the potential to at least be game changing. Infinity Blade is an epic saga that plays out over three separate games from the App Store and (So far) two connecting novels by many many many award winning author Brandon Sanderson. Not only did he bridge the gap between the games, he helped create the story for it. Which is brilliant. Most games nowadays don’t put nearly as much work into story as they do into graphics or mechanics. While I can understand their choices somewhat, having amazing graphics and really incredible controls and features shouldn’t mean that the story suffers. Infinity Blade is one of the games that not only takes the time to tell a freaking awesome story, but went out and got a multiple Hugo winning author to help.

Infinity Blade (From here on out, we’re referring to Infinity Blade I, II, & III and also the books as ‘Infinity Blade’) is the story of Siris, the Sacrifice. He was bred from birth to in his small and lonely village to fight the God King. And lose. His father did it. His grandfather did it. His male family back hundreds and hundreds of years has done it. That isn’t to say he isn’t an expert swordsman and fighter. There is always the hope that one day a Sacrifice will keep his life and defeat the God King once and for all, freeing the land of his tyranny and oppression and blah blah blah we’ve heard this part before.

Now, I can’t tell you too too much about the plot without revealing spoilers. I’ve said this before. I always try to say a little and end up saying far too much and blow the big reveal. So you’ll get no secrets from me. But held within Infinity Blade are all the great parts of a crossover fantasy. There are awesome weapons and epic battles. There is a revolution. There is a badass warrior woman who more than once bails out Siris. There is madness. There are treasures and monsters and betrayals and mystic atmospheric weird shit galore.

You know what one of the best parts is? YOU GET TO FIGHT THOSE EPIC BATTLES YOURSELF. It’s a video game in which the books aren’t just random added bits, but are almost necessary parts of the story. With series like The Witcher, Halo, Borderlands and so on the books are excellently written and entertaining. They are also, mostly, side stories. Halo is probably a bit more “You should really get filled in on this nonsense” but it doesn’t really come into play until Halo 4 and Halo Reach. With Infinity Blade, the books and games flow into each other.

So pick up Infinity Blade. Play through, read, rinse, repeat. It’s got the added benefit of being a completed saga (As far as I know, I haven’t finished the 3rd game yet.) And if people care enough to follow the example, it could create an entirely new genre of storytelling and entertainment.


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