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Project TBR Takedown

It’s a running joke amongst readers. How there’s never enough time and our TBR’s are going to fall over and kill us in our sleep. I’m definitely not above that. Working at a bookstore certainly doesn’t help. I went through and counted last night, the books I own and have never read. It was…daunting.

So here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna spend years whittling this thing down, but destroy it I shall. As of last night’s count, here’s what I have to get through:

Print Books: 142

eBooks: 74

Audiobooks: 12

All told, that’s 228 books. Money spent. Waiting. Some from the store, some from Amazon, some from a dollar bin at thrift stores and library sales. If I read a book a week, on top of the new books I want to read and review and recommend, it will take me just over 4 years to knock down the pile.

So it’ll probably take longer than that.

But I’m gonna try. And at the very least we’re gonna try to go into 2020 with a smaller TBR than I have right now. I’ll provide a quick update every week, along with a brief overview of what books I’m attempting to plow through. Happy reading everyone. And happy Saturday.

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