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The Devil’s Only Friend

John Wayne Cleaver has been through a lot in his young life.  He has trouble adjusting to life in high school.  He finds it hard to talk to girls.  And … Continue reading

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Three Parts Dead

Read fantasy, or any genre really, long enough and any reader who is looking fairly closely can begin to see the component parts of each story.  If you’ve been at … Continue reading

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Lock In

I’ve come to rely on John Scalzi for fun science fiction.  Some writers like Larry Niven or Gregory Benford might be regarded as more ‘literary’ writers but Scalzi for my … Continue reading

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A Song for Nebula

This weeks entry in Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction friday, in just under the wire. I hope you enjoy it. ______________________________________________________________ Most mornings are the same. I awake, check my air … Continue reading

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Murder at the Kinnen Hotel

If you’ve never heard of Brian McClellan or his Powder Mage series then oh boy have you been missing out. The first novel in the series, Promise of Blood, is … Continue reading

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Skulduggery Pleasant

“Cheer up everyone,” he said, a new brightness to his voice. “Since we’re all going to die horribly anyway, what’s there to be worried about?” – Skulduggery Pleasant _____________________________________________________________ I … Continue reading

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The Prestige

A little over a half dozen years ago, Christopher Nolan released a movie called The Prestige. It had an all-star cast including Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson, … Continue reading

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